Steven Euijong Whang ()

Research Scientist
Google Research

Ph.D. 2012 (Computer Science, Stanford University)
M.S. 2007 (Computer Science, Stanford University)
B.S. 2003 (Computer Science, KAIST)

google research

(photo by Hector Garcia-Molina)


I am a Research Scientist at Google Research. I work on data management infrastructure for large-scale machine learning systems. Previously, I was the technical leader of the Biperpedia project, which is a state-of-art ontology for Search applications. More recently, I worked on a product that organizes all the datasets within Google. Before Google, I was a Ph.D. student and Postdoctoral Researcher at the Computer Science Department of Stanford University. I was a member of the Stanford InfoLab working with Professor Hector Garcia-Molina. My general interests are Database-Artificial Intelligence (DB-AI) Integration, Big Data Analytics, Information Integration, Knowledge Systems, and Machine Learning. Here is my CV.

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